Pen Drawings and Photos 2007-2009

Most of my works lately have been landscape drawings in pen and ink. Some of them are more aptly called groundscapes, as I am looking at the ground below rather than at a vista out in front. One I have been working on for a while has a long vertical format. I find this format well suited to my persistent theme of a path through the land, as found in many oil paintings and the concertina book drawings . In this drawing the perspective changes from ground to vista. This has led me to take some vertical panorama photos as a means to improving the perspective in the drawings.

Here are a few examples of pen drawings,

136 x 13 cm                        


One Tree Hill Forest, 2008, Pen & Ink drawing, 8 x 33 cm.

One Tree Hill View, 2008, Watercolour, 10 x 10 cm.

Campaspe River, 2009. Pen & Ink on paper.
- a section of the Campaspe River between Lake Eppalock and Redesdale.

and vertical panorama photos (2007).



Pen Drawings 2005

Pen Drawings 2006