Thoth and Seshat  record the king's jubilees.

The Ished Tree.
Oil on Canvas. 1999. 46 x 60 cm.

Dd mdw in Dhwty nb xmnyw nb mdw nTr Hry-ib Hw.t mn-mAa.t-ra
di=i xpS=k wsr m nx.t r tA nb bw wa sA ra sty-mr-n-ptaH mi ra D.t

Words spoken by Thoth, Lord of the Ogdoad, Lord of Divine Words, who is in the mansion of Men-Maet-Ra.
I cause you to be strong and mighty in victory over every land all together, Son of Ra, Seti, Beloved of Ptah, like Ra eternally.

Dd mdw in sSA.t nb.t pr mDA.t Hry-ib Hw.t mn-mAa.t-ra
wnn=k m Hq anx.w Hw.t=k mi rwd pt nsw-bit mn-mAa.t-ra

Words spoken by Seshat, Lady of the House of Books, who is in the mansion of Men-Maet-Ra.
You exist as ruler of the living. Your temple is like the permenance of the sky, King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Men-Maet-Ra.

Dancing Girls.
Oil on Canvas. 1999. 91 x 122 cm.

'Dancing Girls' and 'Banquet Scene'
and the Harper's Song from the tomb of King Intef.

Pencil drawing. 2000.

Detail of oil painting. 2000. (41 x 26 cm)

Oil painting. 2000. (41 x 26 cm)

Blue Scarab.
Oil painting. 2001. (20 x 20 cm)

Sennefer and Meryt.
Pencil sketch of the south side of column four in TT96. 2000.

Papyrus painting of Sennefer's tomb