Artworks - 2002

Paintings, Petroglyphs, Pen Drawings © Jenny Carrington.

A test piece for a larger painting of Sennefer and Meryt "Coming Forth by Day."

Sm Hr tA m Xrt-hrw - Walking on the earth in the daytime

in HAty-a sn-nfr mAa-xrw - by the Mayor Sennefer, true of voice

Carved in stone - a model for the test piece for the larger painting. Just to get the shadows right.

Htp-di-nsw wsir nTr aA

"An offering which the king gives Osiris, the Great God."


Hymn to Aten

You appear beautifully in the horizon of the sky,
The living Aten who originates life.
When you have risen in the eastern horizon,
You fill all the land with your beauty.

You are bright, you are great,
Gleaming high over every land.
Your rays surround the lands
To the limits of all you have made.

You are as Ra. You reach to their limits.
You subdue them, for your beloved son.
Though you are far away, your rays are on earth.
Though you are in their faces, no-one knows your going.


Pen drawings - patterns in the landscape.



I have been playing with a Japanese marbling technique called ‘suminagashi’. It’s fun to do and makes interesting fluid patterns. Very simple process. You need a tray of water, calligraphy ink, pure gum turps, two brushes (one for ink, one for turps), and paper (an absorbent, unsized, paper is best, such as rice paper). When the water is still dip the tips of the filled brushes (held vertically) into the water, alternating one then the other, and they form concentric rings. You can leave them to form their own pattern or disturb the rings by blowing on it, fanning it, dragging a hair across it, etc. Then gently lay the paper on top, lift off after a little while, rinse, lay on a flat vertical surface, such as a window pane, or shower wall, to drain for a couple of hours. Lay out on paper to dry, and when almost dry stack between more paper and weight with a book. Then enjoy the subtle shades and rhythms of the movement of the water.