An Offering to the Goddess Hathor

Oil on canvas. 51 x 61cm. 1991

Hathor is the goddess of love, beauty and intoxication, Queen of the Sacred Arts of dance, music and song. She holds the ankh and the was sceptres. Nefertari offers wine to the goddess. The vulture headdress is the base here for two different crowns. Hathor's carries the cow's horns and sun disk. That of Nefertari has the sun and ostrich feathers of the god Amon-Ra.

The light from the sun envelops the figures as the spirit of the sun god permeates the temple.

Nefertari and Hathor are painted on the descending passage of the tomb of Nefertari in the Valley of the Queens. Nefertari was the wife of Rameses II. Here she plays the part of the high priestess performing one of the rituals at a festival. The king, being the gods' representative on earth, was also the high priest, and was required to lead many rituals in the great temple.