Maat and Seti

Oil on canvas. 41 x 30cm. 1993

Maat, the goddess of Truth and Justice, a symbol of order in society and the cosmos, bestows eternal life on the deceased King Seti I. The winged sun disk represents the sky god Horus.

This image of Maat and Seti comes from an unfinished wall painting in the tomb of Seti I in the Valley of the Kings, Thebes.

Translation of the hieroglyphs;

Dd mdw in mAat sA.t ra Hnw.t nTr.w
Ssp=s sA=s wsir nsw mn-mAat-ra di anx Dt

Words spoken by Maat, Daughter of Ra, Mistress of the Gods.
She receives her son, the Osiris King Men-Maat-Ra. Given eternal life.

Dd mdw di.n(=i) n(=k) nHH mi ra wsir nsw mn-mAat-ra
sA ra swty-mry-n-ptH mAa xrw di anx Dt

Words spoken: I have given to you Eternity like Ra, Osiris king Men-Maat-Ra, Son of Ra, Seti beloved of Ptah, true of voice, given eternal life.