"Sennefer & Meryt"
Papyrus Painting

Images inspired by TT96, the tomb of Sennefer in the Valley of the Nobles, Thebes.
Artwork and translation Jenny Carrington.

Ritual West wall

Ritual North wall

Ritual East wall

"Imagine...an eternity being with the one you love, where life is a leisurely dance through the Field of Reeds. I can't think of any promise of the 21st century that would suit me any better than that. To be eternally held by your husband or wife as you embark on the journey together."

Ed Burrucker
January 2001

For details of the drawings of each scene, and the translation of the hieroglyphs, which occur on the walls of the tomb, go to the following pages.

Ritual East wall

Ritual North wall

Ritual West wall

Ritual South wall

Manual de Codage of the text on the walls.

Manual de Codage of the text on the pillars.
Plus drawings of the scenes on the pillars, transliteration and translation of the hieroglyphs.

Hieroglyphic Text in the Tomb of Sennefer. Typeset version.

Ceiling inscriptions

Doorway inscriptions

References for "Sennefer and Meryt".

Testing the paint for adding colour to the papyrus...

and some details of the progress of the colour.

September 2009: The completed papyrus scroll... Sennefer & Meryt


Sennefer "Tomb of Vines"

Private Tomb of Sennefer on the West Bank at Luxor A Tour Egypt Feature article.

Tombs of the Nobles Tomb of Sennefer - Mayor of Thebes.

Voices from Ancient Egypt Sennefer's letter to his lazy tenant farmer, Baki.

Sen-Nefer A German site which has a picture of the (rolled up) letter to Baki.

SENNEFER was Mayor of Thebes during the reign of the 18th dynasty king, Amenhotep II. Some of his other titles include 'Overseer of the Gardens of Amun', 'Overseer of the Cattle of Amun', 'Overseer of the Granaries of Amun', and 'Overseer of the Fields of Amun'.
MERYT, his beloved wife, was a Musician of Amun, and Royal Nurse.

The tomb of Sennefer is on the southeastern slope of Sheikh Abd-el Qurna along with other great nobles of the 18th dynasty, such as the vizier Rekhmire (TT100). Usually the burial chamber was not decorated, (or in later times was decorated with religious scenes), but Sennefer had his painted with scenes of exquisite beauty, where he and his beloved wife, Meryt could be with each other for eternity.

The ritual directions do not correspond with the geographical directions. The ritual east wall is actually to the south-west. Once inside the tomb the directions become symbolic. The doorway is in the east wall so that the deceased may enter the world of the living, in the opposite direction to Amentet, the west, the land of the dead. On the west wall is a major offering scene, with offerings to Osiris, Foremost of the Westerners, and the journey to Abydos, where the tomb of Osiris was located.

The sequence of events begins on the SOUTH wall with Sennefer overseeing the funeral procession, and offering to Osiris, Ruler of Eternity, and Hathor, Lady of the Necropolis.
On the WEST wall there are priests carrying Hes-vessels, and torches, and offering a libation before a table piled high with food. The center of the wall has a double offering scene with back to back representations of both Sennefer and Meryt. There is another, more lavish, offering table and the Journey to Abydos, on the right. The deceased made a ritual pilgrimage to Abydos to symbolically partake in the resurrection of Osiris.
The NORTH wall begins with Osiris and Anubis seated in a shrine, Sennefer and Meryt stand before the shrine with arms raised in adoration. Next is the scene of the embalming chamber, where the mummy is prepared by Anubis, in the presence of the Four Sons of Horus, Isis and Nephthys. This is followed by a sem priest performing a purification ritual for Sennefer and Meryt.
The EAST wall shows another offering scene, with the sem priest pouring a libation and purifying the air with incense. This is on the left side of the doorway. On the right, there are two scenes with Sennefer and Meryt. On the far right they are seated comfortably in the afterlife, and closer to the doorway they are standing in preparation to walk through the doorway to the land of the living - Coming Forth by Day.

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