Oil on canvas. 41 x 41cm.1988

The god of the two horizons is painted on the wall of a tomb. This hawk headed god is a combination of the sun god Ra and the earlier sky god Horus. The two horizons refers to sunset and sunrise; death and rebirth. Osiris, the supreme Judge of the Dead, and the god of regeneration/rebirth, is on the other wall leading out into daylight.

These images of Ra-Horakhty and Osiris come from the tomb of Nefertari, in the Valley of the Queens, at Thebes.

The hieroglyphs next to Osiris say;

wsir xnty imnt.t

Osiris, Foremost of the West.

The west refers to the necropolis; the people were buried on the west side of the Nile on the edge of the desert, in the direction of the setting sun.

On the wall on the left of Ra-Horakhty is the inscription;

Dd mdw di.n(=i) n(=T) aHa n ra
Dd mdw di.n(=i) n(=T) Dt m anx Dd.t wAs

"Words spoken:- I have given to you the rising of the sun.
Words spoken:- I have given to you eternity with life, strength and power."

On his right it says;

ra-Hr-Axty nTr aA

Ra-Horakhty, the great god.