Bibliography of images and texts


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Great book. Lots of big clear photos.

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vol. XXI, pp. 127-133, 137-149 1899; vol. XXII, pp. 83-97, 1900 -
Only drawings are provided, no photographs.

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pp.197-203 Tomb 96, Sennufer, Mayor of the Southern City.

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Barbara Cumming (translated from Helck) 1417-1434

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(Originally published 1996 by White Star S.r.l.)

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pp.106-107. View of the north-east corner including two pillars.

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p.31 Journey to Abydos
p.104 Sennefer seated under tree, with Meryt.

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p.61 Offering table on west wall
p.76 Meryt offering a cup to Sennefer

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p.51 Sennefer and Meryt touching hands
p.160 Parts of pillar 3 and 4, and east wall - Sennefer and offerings.

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p.133 Meryt and Sennefer before offering table on east wall,
and pillar showing Meryt offering cloths to Sennefer.

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p.55 Detail of vines

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p.256 Purification of Sennefer and Meryt. (Detail).
p.258.Sennefer and Meryt walking towards the doorway.

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pp.138-139. Various scenes.

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p.165 View showing pillar with hands, and wall with purification.

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plate XXIII
plate XXIV Purification by sem priest.

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p.298-299 View of the tomb from the doorway.

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Funeral procession in Antechamber.
Pillar scene of Sennefer seated under tree, with Meryt.
The embalming chamber. Middle of north wall.
Corner showing Offering table, Journey to Abydos, and Osiris and Anubis in shrine.
Pillar scene of Sennefer seated under tree, with Meryt.
Sennefer and Meryt before offering table, east wall.
Egypt: Tombs of the Nobles
- several scenes from Sennefer's Tomb

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