Transliteration and translation of the text on the walls of
Theban Tomb #96

Jenny Carrington


Far left (east end):
Sms stAw qrs Accompanying the dragging of the coffin
in HAty-a n niwt rsy by the Mayor of the Southern City
sn-nfr mAa xrw Sennefer, true of voice,
qrs=f im n iAwy in which he is to be buried in old age
m Hsw nb=f imn with the favours of his Lord Amun.
bw-nb Hr Everyone says:
xpr n=i m mitt "May the same thing happen to me."
HAty-a n niwt rsy The Mayor of the Southern City
imy-r Snwty n imn sn-nfr Overseer of the Granaries of Amun, Sennefer
m pr=f n mAa xrw in his house of justification.
Far right (west end): (Starting with the fifth column in from the end, reading left to right.)
wsir xnt imntw Osiris, Foremost of the Westerners,
wn-nfr aA m Abdw Wennefer, the Great One in Abydos,
aA nTr nb tA Dsr the Great God, Lord of the Sacred Land,
Hq Dt Ruler of Eternity.
Ht-Hrw Hry-tpt xAswt imntyw Hathor, Chieftainess of the Western Desert Dwellers,
nbt pt Hnwt tA Dsr Lady of the Sky, Mistress of the Sacred Land.
(Above offering table reading from right to left.)
dwA wsir Hq (Dt) Worshipping Osiris, Ruler (of Eternity),
nTr aA nb Abdw Great God, Lord of Abydos,
in rpa HAty-a mH-ib aA n nb tAwy by the hereditary noble and Mayor, Great Confidante of the Lord of the Two Lands
imy im dSrt-Hrw=f (?) who is in his Horus crown, (?)
Haty-a m niwt rsy Mayor in the Southern City,
sn-nfr mAa xrw Sennefer, true of voice.
Dd=f inD [Hr=T Hwt-Hr - - ] He says: "Hail [ to you, Hathor - - ]"
di=s [ - - - - - ] iAwy She gives [ - - - - - ] old age (?)
n kA n HAty-a sn-nfr mAa xrw to the kA of Mayor Sennefer, true of voice,
snt=f mrt=f Smayt nt imn and his companion, his beloved, Singer of Amun,
mryt mAat xrw Meryt, true of voice.

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