Weighing of the Heart

Oil on canvas. 76 x 122cm. 1991

The deceased enters the Hall of Judgement, his heart is weighed in the balance against the feather of truth, (the symbol of Maat, the goddess of Truth and Justice). Thoth, the scribe of the gods, records the verdict. Anubis, the keeper of the scales, steadies the scales to gain an accurate reading. The monster Ammit is there to devour any heart that is not worthy. The baboon is associated with Thoth and makes sure the reading is true. The weighing takes place in the presence of Maat and 42 assessor gods. The 42 gods ( 30 male and 12 female ) are painted in the form of the hieroglyphic sign for god.

The Hall of Judgement is also called the Hall of the Double Maat, (the two truths), hence the goddess Maat is represented twice. She holds the ankh, the symbol of eternal life, and the was sceptre, the symbol of power.

The Judgment Scene from the Papyrus of Ani, and the Papyrus of Anhai, was the source for this painting.