Transformation into a Falcon of Gold

Pen and ink; black, gold and silver. 23 x 16cm. 1997

Spell 77, from the Book of Coming Forth by Day.


Chapter for making the transformation into a falcon of gold. I have risen in the shrine as a falcon of gold having come forth from its egg. I have flown up and alighted as a falcon of four cubits along its back, whose two wings are like green stone of the south. I have come forth from the night barque, my heart has been brought from the eastern mountain. I have alighted in the day barque. Brought to me are those who are from their primeval time, with them bowing down. I appear in glory. I am united as the beautiful falcon of gold upon the bennu. I sit among the gods of the sky.


r n iri.t xpr.w m bik n nbw
xa=kwi m sSd.t m bik n nbw
pri m swH.t=f
pA.n=i xnn.n=i m bik n mH 4 Hr psdw=f
dnH.wy=fy m wADw rsy.t
pri.n=i m sHkt.t
iw inn=i ib=i m Dw iAbt.t
xnn.n=i m aD.t
iw in n=i imy.w pAw.t=sn
iw xa=kwi
dmd=kwi m bik nfr n nbw tp bnnw
Hs=i r nTr.w n pt

May Osiris Ani rise up like Ra

Pen and ink; black, gold and silver. 23 x 16cm. 1997


"To be said on the first day of the first month.
Words spoken by Osiris, the scribe, Ani, true of voice.

Ra rises in his horizon,
his Ennead is following him
at the coming forth of the god
from the secret place
in the eastern horizon of the sky
at the words of Nut.

They rejoice at the ways of Ra
when the great one goes around,
being renewed every day.

May the gods who are in heaven,
when they see Osiris Ani in triumph,
give to him praises like Ra.

May he be strong upon earth and in the netherworld.
May he rise up strengthened, like Ra,
every day in the divine boat,
mighty of forms of existence."


Dd.t hrw 1 Abd 1
Dd mdw in wsir sS Ani mAa-xrw

xa ra m Ax.t=f
psD.t=f m-xt=f
pr.t nTr
m st imn.t
m Ax.t iAbty nt pt
Hr mdw nwt

xw.t=sn Hr wa.w.t n ra
tp-a wr pXr.w=f
mAw.t.ti hrw nb

nTr.w imy.w pt
mAA=sn wsir Ani m mAa-xrw
di n=f iAw mi ra

wDA(=f) tp tA m Xrt-nTr
Tsi=f wDA.ti mi ra
hrw nb m wiA
aA xpr twt

Source: Book of the Dead, Chapter 133, Papyrus of Ani.

Text reference: E.A.Wallis BUDGE, "The Egyptian Book of the Dead. (Papyrus of Ani)" Dover, 1967. p.138-141.
See also R.O.FAULKNER, "The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead." Guild Publishing, London, 1985. p.121.

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