Hymn to Aten

Pen and ink; black, gold and silver. 23 x 16cm. 1997


"You arise beautifully, the living Aten, Lord of Eternity.
You are gleaming, bright and powerful.
Your love is very great.
Your rays lift up every face.
Your bright colours cause hearts to live.
You fill the two lands with your love.
You are the noble god who built himself,
Who made every land,
And created what was upon it,
Consisting of people, cattle, all flocks,
And all trees that grow upon the earth.
They live when you shine for them.
You are mother and father of what you made.
Their eyes, when you rise, look upon you.
Your rays illuminate the entire land."


xa=k nfr pA itn anx nb nHH
iw=k tHn.(t) an.ti wsr.(t)
mrw.t=k wr.(t) aA.ti
stwt=k [tw.k ? sw n] Hr nb
inm=k wbx Hr s.anx Haty
mH.n=k tA.wy m mrw.t=k
pA nTr Spsy qd sw Ds=f
iri tA nb qmA nty Hr=f
m rmt mnmn.t awt nb.w
Sn.w nb rd Hr sAtw
anx=sn wbn=k n=sn
ntk mwt it n iry=k
irt.wy=sn wbn=k ptr=sn im=k
s.HD n stwt=k tA r Dr=f

Source: The tomb of Ipy at Tell el-Amarna

Text reference: E.A.Wallis BUDGE, "Tutankhamen," Dover, 1991. pp.117-118.
See also Miriam LICHTHEIM, "Ancient Egyptian Literature, Vol 2, The New Kingdom." University of California Press. 1976. p.91

The Offering Formula

Pen and ink; black, gold and silver. 25 x 19cm. 1997


A boon which the king gives Osiris,
Lord of Busiris, the Great God,
Lord of Abydos.
That he may give invocation offerings of
bread and beer, oxen and fowl, alabaster and clothing;
all things good and pure on which a god lives,
to the spirit of the master of the house.
A boon which the king gives Osiris.
Invocation offerings for him
on every festival day


Htp-di-nsw wsir nb Ddw
nTr aA nb AbDw
di=f prt-xrw t Hnq.t kaw Apdw
Ss mnx.t x.t nb.t
nfr wab anx nTr im
n kA n nb pr
Htp-di-nsw wsir
prt-xrw n=f m Hb hrw nb

Source: Presentations of food offerings for the deceased were accompanied by this formula, which was inscribed on stelae, false doors or lintels of tombs.
My reference: Sir Alan GARDINER, Egyptian Grammar. 3rd.Edition. Griffith Institute. 1982. p.170.