Handmade Books by Jenny Carrington

I have recently been exploring book structures, at first with an interest in binding some of my drawings and prints, but I have been side tracked by the many different ways of making books.

One of the first books I made was a concertina book , which is a great format for doing long landscape drawings.

There are many books around with instructions for making simple pamphlet bindings, all the way up to hard bound case bindings. The web is also a great resource.
"My Handmade Books", a Canadian bookbinding blog, has some handy tutorials.
Indiana University has comprehensive instructions for making a casebound book, which I followed to make a book for my husband containing some of his writing.
Another site explains how to do a Medieval limp binding.

Coptic bound notebooks.

Japanese stab binding.

Small Coptic bound notebook with handmade paper and Paperbark (melaleuca) on the cover boards.

Jacob's Ladder book with pen drawing.

Casebound book - "Cliff's Aphorisms".

Medieval limp binding.