Jenny Carrington

Artwork - 2010

This year I have been concentrating on making books. Some contain original prints, some have small reproductions of pen drawings, others are just trying out different book structures. I am also working on a couple of woodblock prints, one design is of trees, and to a few prints I have added some flying foxes (fruit bats) which had invaded out town for about 8 months of the last year, they have gone again now. Another design (in the early stages of printing) is of leaves on the forest floor. There are some miscellaneous drawings; and recently I have started marbling paper.

      "Anne", conte on paper.

      Illustration for a children's story, in progress. Pen & ink, 25 x 16 cm.

      "A moon looked like that, just a cosmic cheshire cat." Pen & ink, 12 x 7 cm.

      "Ghost Gum", Ink wash. 18 x 18 cm.

      (untitled) Pen & Ink. 15 x 15 cm.

      "Flight", Pen & ink. 25 & 16 cm.

      "Journey", Coloured pencil. 25 x 16 cm.

      "Forest", Woodcut. 40 x 25 cm.

      "Flying Fox", Woodcut. 40 x 25 cm.

      "Leaf", Woodcut. 13 x 13 cm.

      "Water", Woodcut. Diptych, 11 x 11 cm each.

Handmade Books:

"Water", book of 176 original and individual, multilayered, woodblock prints, with the blocks used for the covers. Pages sewn with Coptic stitch.

Clothcovered casebound book of "Woodblock prints 1982-1988".

Clothcovered, stab stitched book of "Landscape monoprints 1969" (student works).

"The zodiac Book". Pen drawing. 5.5 x 77 cm; (folded - 5.5 x 14.5 cm.) Boxed concertina book.


1). Quarter binding, hardcover pamphlet, blank pages.
2). Hardcover sectioned book. "Poems from the Journey", written in the 1970's, by Jenny Carrington. Plus reduced size copies of landscape pen drawings.
3). Hardcover pamphlet binding, reduced size copies of pen drawings of Ancient Egypt, with descriptions and translations of hieroglyphs.

      Secret Belgian binding.

     Casebound with oilpaint on canvas marbled cover.



Bookbox containing four reference books of original pen drawings. Colour, Patterns, Symbols & Geometry.



Marbled paper:



Black on black drawings:


Graphite on black paper. 2009. 35 x 23 cm.