Jenny Carrington

New work - 2013

Word doodles...

omphaloskepsis - contemplating one's navel.

nephelokokkygia - Cloud Cuckoo Land (from Aristophanes play "The Birds", referring to an unrealistic, perfect city in the clouds.)

Rhythm of the land
Oil on canvas. 91 x 76 cm.

This painting of a birdís eye view has a central focus of a winding double path, indicating choices to be made, or possibilities, or geological transformation over time. The rhythmic lines on the hills representing folds in the strata of the earth, or fields of native grass rippling in the wind.

At the Beach
Linocut, 30 x 22 cm.

"Astronomia" - A book made from a hardwood fence paling, sanded, and coated with Estapol (except for where the hinges are glued). Hahnemuhle Bamboo pages (265 gsm) stitched onto tapes, and a bookcloth internal spine liner/ hinge. Two brass gears stitched onto black suede leather before gluing outer spine onto boards.
Dimensions: 9 x 21.5 cm

I decided to fill the pages with astronomy related drawings. The gears suggested the workings of the universe. These are a few of the first pages.

"Variations of a Landscape" - Dimensions: 10.4 x 11.4 cm (open length 241 cm)
A new concertina book from old prints. I cut up some old experimental woodblock prints, (c.1980ís) where I had used cut plywood shapes to make variations of a landscape.

Two oil paintings (41 x 31 cm) Ė portraits of our granddaughters, Mari & Rosa.